The different types of tourist accommodation

Finding a place to stay for a great trip can be a real headache for tourists and travelers. However, there are several types of accommodation available to you. If you don't know them, here are some types of accommodation that you can choose during your stay.


Hostels are wonderful places where you can stay during your vacations or your moments of tourism. These are actually private residences operated as lodging facilities by their owners or resident tenants. They usually have few rooms, but very well equipped to make you have a great time.

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Hotels and motels

Hotels and motels are the most popular and crowded types of tourist accommodation. There are many of them in the world. They are commercial establishments that provide travelers with furnished rooms and several other services for a daily fee.

Vacationing in hotels allows you to get away from the daily chores (sweeping, cooking, washing, etc.). These tasks are done for you by the staff of the establishment. In addition, the establishment also provides you with sheets and other towels, so you don't have to pack too much. You can travel lighter.

Camping / glamping

If you are a nature lover and/or a less fortunate traveler, you can opt for camping which is a very pleasant way to immerse yourself in the environment, to stay in contact with nature and to spend little money. For a little more comfort, there is always glamping, which is a form of camping with an added luxury.

These are three types of accommodation that you can choose for your tourist stays, for your vacations. Depending on your means and your expectations, make your choice and enjoy your stay.