How to make curls with your hair?

As you probably already know, straightening irons aren't just for straightening hair. They're also a great way to create beautiful curls and waves. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Which straightening iron to choose?

Choosing the right straightener is very important, as the tone of the curl depends on it. The thinner your straightener, the more toned your curl will be. Conversely, the thicker the straightener, the less your curl will be. That's why it's recommended to use a straightener with a rounded tip to make this as easy as possible. you will get more information and beauty tips.

What should you do before curling your hair?

Curls can be done on clean hair or not. However, make sure it is not too oily. You will then need to straighten your hair before moving on to the waves.
Step 1: Choose a heat shield to protect the hair fiber from the heat.
Step 2: Coat the hair for better styling. You can use a volumizing mousse or a holding spray to do this.
Step 3: Brush hair well to detangle it to distribute the product.

How to use a straightening iron to get beautiful curls?

Curls made with a straightener are less defined while those made with a curling iron are well defined. To use a straightening iron, you will have to proceed in sections.
Then, you will have to take the wick and put it in the straightening iron. Once this is done, you will have to close the curl and make a half turn. For people with long hair, it is even possible to make a full turn by holding the tip between your fingers. If you have difficulty, you will just have to break down the movements and do them slowly.‚ÄČ"